We have been running dental practices for long time and during this period we can confidently claim that we have dealt with almost all aspect of dentistry.  The two following aspects of a dental practice are two major areas which a dentist has to deal with on almost daily basis:

The administration aspect of practice includes:

  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • IT-Support
  • Backups for data protection
  • Digital Paperless Day-to-Day Reporting to dentists & bookkeeper
  • Ease of secure Access to Financial and Patient Data
  • Anti-Fraud Measures
  • Accounting


The clinical aspect:  This includes the chair time, equipment, lab and supplies

  • Supplies
  • Digital Charting (Chartless/Paperless)
  • Office Automation
  • Remote Access to your Patients’ Record & Patient Schedules
  • Equipment/repairs
  • Lab

DenCare Management would confidently and surely take care of almost all of above tasks plus more for you at less than what you are paying now.  By doing so you should have the following benefits.

  • Everything is done and kept digitally i.e. paperless.
  • Access to you record and data whenever and wherever you are i.e. 7/24/365.
  • Reduction in stress level.
  • More effective & high efficiency for both the dentist and staffs.
  • Highly focused, less prone to making mistakes
  • Drastically reduce financial fraud.
  • Saving money in supplies, storage (digitization), efficiency & cutting hours.
  • One company to talk to for all your administrations.


DenCare Management  can do that for you.  The combined experience we have in dental management, computing & IT, finance and project management make us to be in this unique position.  DenCare Management is happy to provide our well established experiences to all dental practices so that you (dentist) could concentrate on the productions and not so much on paper work.