Having the right hardware and software that is designed, installed, setup correctly and maintained consistently would reduce the downtime drastically. Any downtime period in a dental office could be very costly particularly that the lost time are not recoverable, i.e. loss in production plus additional cost of paying for staff and utilities.
[accordion] [spoiler title=”IT Health Check
” style=”2″ ]Our IT experts assess and check your existing IT infrastructure and systems and provide you with a report showing the health level of your system as well as any possible improvement with number of options.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Software Purchase & Installation
” style=”2″] Our IT experts will provide asses your need and provide you with options to achieve your goals. These could be your dental management software and support software’s. We will do all the installations. [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Hardware Purchase & Installation” style=”2″]If you need to purchase any IT equipment for your practice we highly recommend consultation with our IT experts for a optimized system. We may also be able to save you money.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Software & Hardware Support & Maintenance
” style=”2″]It’s not uncommon that software and hardware fail or crash, such an incident would drastically affect your performance hence your production. Our experts support and maintain your office software & hardware to minimize the risk of downtime in your practice.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Internet & System Security” style=”2″]Internet and IT security is one of the most important issues which is commonly ignored. Our expert will keep your computer network safe and monitor suspicious activities to protect your valuable information.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Remote Access to Your Office” style=”2″]We will facilitate your remote access to your office including security access, access to your key computers and servers 24/7 anywhere. [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Cabling for Internet/Phone/VGA/HTMI
” style=”2″] Cabling your office can be a huge hassle and may cause a significant effect on the productions. Our experts will provide full services to facilitate the cabling in your office. [/spoiler] [/accordion]