Keeping your books (accounts) in order not only saves time it most importantly helps a business to see what it has done in past, what it is doing and where is heading.  Your bookkeeping records contain very valuable financial information which should in principal steer your business to higher growth and lower expenses i.e. higher profits.  Not knowing you bookkeeping records in details it would be like walking in dark!

In addition in accordance to the IRS you should keep your bookkeeping records for seven years, this means lots of boxes and great deal of storage!

DenCare Management Bookkeeping service is more than just a standard bookkeeping, it provides a series of services as follows:

  • All your bookkeeping will be in digital i.e. paperless, no more boxes and no more storage
  • Includes all account receivable (AR).
  • Includes all account payable (AP), including any credit card, electronic fund transfer (EFT) and cash payments.
  • Monthly account reconciliation with your bank statements
  • Monthly P&L report
  • And financial reports required will be send within one business day
  • Printing Checks (Optional)
  • Yearly account analysis and projection for the following year.  This will be worked with you to make sure you are heading for the better growth and control your expenses.
  • 1099 & 1096 for IRS (independent contractor such as associate dentist)
  • The data is backed up securely to protect you against any loss of data
  • 24/7/365 remote access to you data (this will be optional with Backup option or Platinum services).
  • DenCare Management will happily assist with any audit required by local or federal tax authorities as, this will be a separate cost based on the time required.