A – HIPAA compliance.
B – Share folders / email huge files
C – Anywhere aces to data (web based portal)

Just imagine your server for whatever reason has stopped working such as hardware or software crash.  In today’s dental offices you would not be able to do anything.  Replacing any part of hardware could take sometimes but recovering data from a broken hard disk could be very time consuming and very expensive if it is all possible.  Our subsidiary back-up company has various business and home solutions for backup.  Once it is setup the software automatically backup your system and you can set it up to send you a confirmation by email so you know all you data is backed up.

In addition to backing up you data, you do have following benefits:

  • 24/7 support
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Share folders / big files
  • Anywhere aces to data (web based portal)
  • Multi-site data backups (Geo-redundant)
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Local backup
  • Military grade encryption (security)